If you’re a business owner, you know state + local taxes are a huge part of the cost of doing business. Not only do you have to navigate tax liabilities in multiple states, you also have to stay on top of the changing rules and forms as states find new ways to bring in more revenue to battle budget constraints. Let us tackle this huge burden for you.

Whether your company is in one state with many different types of taxes, or you have expanded across state lines, you need SALT professionals who specialize in multi-state tax issues. Our tax specialists have the expertise to help you navigate complex issues:

  • Income/franchise, sales/use, employment and property taxes
  • Ever-changing state income tax laws
  • Communicating with state and local tax authorities
  • Guidance to identify tax positions, assess risk and filing compliance

Access Tax Professionals in All 50 States without Leaving Arizona

leading-edge-alliance-logoYou will have access to tax professionals in all 50 states through Henry+Horne’s strategic partnership with the Leading Edge Alliance (LEA), one of the largest and most powerful accounting networks in the world. LEA’s member firms are recognized as premier providers of professional services in their markets and many rank among the top 100 public accounting firms in the United States.

State + Local Tax Services

  • Apportionment planning
  • Audit defense
  • Credits and incentives planning
  • Due diligence reviews
  • Employment tax planning and outsourcing
  • Nexus reviews and planning opportunities
  • Outsourcing of corporate income/franchise returns
  • Personal property tax planning
  • State of residency planning
  • Stock and asset sales tax planning
  • Reverse sales tax audits
  • Unclaimed property reporting and consulting
  • Unitary tax and worldwide combination reviews
  • Voluntary disclosure agreements

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