Taxes change. A lot! They’re also complex. Did you know the federal tax code is more than 74,000 pages? Who has time to look at that? Lucky for you, we do. You want CPAs who keep up with changing tax laws and new legislation so you can make smart tax planning moves that maximize your wealth while minimizing your current and future tax liabilities.


With more than 70 CPAs and nearly 50 tax team members, you will have access to specialists who have more than 500 years’ experience with taxes.


When Henry+Horne first started in 1957, the Firm charged $25 to do a client’s individual tax return and it was done by hand. In the 1960s, the federal tax rate for individuals making over $100,000 was 91%. Many of the Firm’s clients – retail, restaurants and other businesses – closed for the summer or scaled back operations.

Today, the tax code and our professional standards are much more comprehensive and complex and we handle your tax needs with integrated technologies and high speed computers.


As a small business, there are always concerns with partnering with a large, reputable company like Henry+Horne since we worry about budget and just being treated like a number. But for the past 15 years, the wisdom and guidance of H+H has not only helped our company, Bushtex, Inc., succeed – but thrive. They go above and beyond every time to advise us on the individual financial needs of our business, which alone has made working with Henry+Horne worth its weight in gold!

Adelaida V. Severson, President/CEO, Bushtex, Inc.

If I ask for input before making business decisions they are always very responsive and available throughout the year. They have educated me in many aspects of tax law and anytime there are tax law changes, they send emails. Changing accounting firms was a hard decision but I can say with all certainty that it was the best business decision I had made in some time and I am happy to recommend Henry+Horne.

Debra Stroinski, Vice President, Scott’s Coach Works, Inc.

TriStar worked with a number of tax preparation firms over the years but I can honestly say that we have not worked with any as professional as Henry+Horne. Our expectations are not just met but most always they are exceeded. I would highly recommend Henry+Horne to any one and/or any company looking for tax preparation services.

Patrick F. Maderia, President, TriStar

In the many years of association with Henry+Horne, they have always fostered a culture of customer service. From managers to associates, their response to our needs has been genuinely proactive and well informed. Their experience and expertise is truly a resource we can count on. Henry+Horne takes good care of us.

Bill Fazio, Advanced Cardiac Specialists

Our dental practice has enjoyed a long relationship with Henry+Horne. They have prepared our office and personal tax returns for over 20 years and we are pleased with their work. During that time we had one IRS audit of our personal return, which didn’t involve any increase in tax due.

Stephen C. Driggs, DDS and Frederick C. Turley, DDS, PLC, Dentistry at Greenfield