Whether you are on the buy-side or sell-side of a potential merger & acquisition (M&A) transaction, you want professionals with extensive experience and a solid understanding of all the moving parts in the transaction. As the buyer of a business, we can help increase the transparency of the company’s financial information. As the seller, we can help increase the likelihood of a successful transaction.

Buy-Side Advisory Services

Our professionals work with you to understand the potential risks that would cause an unsuccessful outcome. Our goal is to provide useful information that will help you maximize a return on investment. Possible areas of concern could be:

  • IT environment
  • Operational risks
  • Quality of revenue + working capital
  • Quality of customers
  • Quality of earnings

Sell-Side Advisory Services

Our goal is to maximize the sales price by addressing company-specific challenges before the business is listed. We’ll perform an appraisal of the company and assess key performance indicators that can be addressed to optimize the earnings potential.

We also perform a sell-side financial due diligence report to mitigate the likelihood of a post-LOI haircut to the purchase price. Our report gives you feedback from a market perspective so you can adjust operations or perform accounting corrections so financial statements provide an accurate picture of the company’s economics.


Our professionals have experience performing these transactions for many industries. They have more than 115 years’ combined experience, receive hundreds of hours of relevant training and hold credentials from leading accounting organizations.

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