Whether you suspect your spouse is hiding income or you need an expert to testify at your divorce deposition, our professionals have extensive experience in business valuation, sole and separate property, Ruschenberg and Cockrill analyses and other financial and tax aspects of Family Law.

Our specific divorce division of assets and marital dissolution key practice areas include:

  • Business valuation – Value a closely held business or a professional practice owned by one or more divorcing parties
  • Discovery – Help counsel select the appropriate financial, tax and related documents to request in the discovery phase of a case
  • Forensic accounting – Provide forensic accounting services in situations where unreported income and/or undisclosed assets are suspected
  • Income determination – Determine a spouse’s income for alimony or child support, often a difficult undertaking when a closely held business and/or investment interests are involved

Our experts have testified hundreds of times in divorce depositions, court hearings, court trials and arbitrations; frequently serve as the court’s appointed expert and have helped resolve many cases at mediation and settlement conferences.

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