If you have membership, partnership or shareholder interests in a limited partnership, limited liability company or corporation, knowing the value of your ownership is necessary for gift, estate tax and other fiduciary reporting purposes. You need experts who have extensive knowledge and understanding of court cases, state statutes and IRS codes, rulings, technical advice memorandums and regulations that govern your entity and influence valuation methodology.

In the last 30 years, our professionals have valued thousands of ownership interests in partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations. They work closely with prominent estate planners, trust officers, accountants and financial planners throughout the Southwest and United States. Our experts are also frequently asked to make presentations to professionals, estate planning councils, law firms and trust departments.

Your appraisal will contain a supportable value conclusion that is clear, concise, logical and complies with all relevant standards and regulations. While the IRS sometimes audits federal gift tax and estate tax returns and challenges the value conclusion and discounts, our experts’ appraisals have consistently held up under the scrutiny of the IRS.

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