Dealing with federal taxes is hard enough. Add tax laws and regulations from other countries around the world and you can start to feel overwhelmed and confused. You need the help of international tax specialists who understand the complexities of managing issues like cross border structuring or worldwide accounting requirements.


leading-edge-alliance-logoOur professionals have been helping clients just like you navigate national and international tax laws for decades and can offer you multinational resources through our strategic partnership with the Leading Edge Alliance, the second largest accounting firm association network in the world. Our specialists have been tapped by organizations around the world to give presentations, write articles and provide continuing professional education in international tax.


In 1993, Henry+Horne recognized that mid-sized CPA firms needed to start ramping up efforts to serve clients with international tax needs. From businesses going global to individuals living abroad, the international world was no longer limited to the Fortune 500. Nearly 25 years later, the firm’s international tax clients have grown from just a handful to working with businesses and individuals all over the world.

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