One of the most straight-forward concepts in accounting – the revenue recognition process – has now become much more complex. The new revenue recognition standard takes effect for most private companies in 2019, but you can’t wait until then to learn about this – you may need to make potential changes to your businesses processes now and your 2018 revenue could be impacted.

revenue recognition, accounting standardValuable information available now

Our revenue recognition e-Book hits all the highlights and gives you quick access to the most important information in the new standard so you don’t have to sift through 1,000 pages trying to interpret the new guidance. This easy to understand breakdown will help you ensure accuracy in revenue reporting under the new model.

Updates expected

Application of this standard will continue to evolve. We will update the topics and guidance in the book and let you know via email as soon as the newest version is available. Download your e-Book today to get on the list.

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