Your annual audit isn’t just a service you have done every year because you must. Let us offer more than compliance help. Tell us what’s happening with your organization so we can help you improve efficiency, profitability and meet your other goals through:

  • Interpreting results and identifying trends that impact you
  • Objective analysis
  • Cost-effective communication, analyzation and data gathering techniques

Our professionals specialize in many types of audit services. If you have a question, we’re just a phone call or email away. The clock doesn’t start ticking the moment you reach out. Let us partner with you and be a resource for your continued success.

Single Audits

Do you receive federal funding? If so, you may need a single audit. It’s an organization-wide audit or examination of entities that use $750,000 or more in federal assistance received for operations. It helps give assurance to the provider of your federal funds that your entity is managing and using the money for the purposes that were outlined in the intergovernmental agreement. It includes both financial and compliance components.

Our professionals perform single audits for funding from a wide variety of federal agencies, so you’re getting an experienced team who specializes in the audit services you need, not audit generalists. They are up to date on the requirements that impact you and exceed their yearly CPE requirements.

Benefits of audits

The future of auditing with artificial intelligence

First time audit expectations, preparations and planning

Yellow Book Audits

Are your performance, programs and projects efficient and effective? If your government entity or nonprofit organization receives federal dollars for programs, you are required to have an audit performed by a firm that is qualified under the yellow book auditing standards. These audit services help with accountability of public resources for government reporting. Our audit professionals are well versed in performing yellow book audits and exceed the annual CPE requirements to be qualified.

Why are my auditors doing a yellow book and single audit?

Financial Statement Services

The benefits of a financial statement audit go beyond just a report showing you’re in compliance. What if you could have even more value? Our specialists provide education on complex accounting transactions and new accounting standards, policy recommendations for best practices, suggestions to enhance your internal controls and can identify areas where you may be at risk for fraud.

  • Financial statement audits, reviews and compilations
  • Compliance auditing
  • Program-specific audits
  • Maintenance of property, plant and equipment records
  • Calculation of tax accrual and other year-end accruals

Importance of financial statement ratios

Reviews + Compilations

Audited, reviewed and compiled financial statements are all very different. How do you know which one you need? It all depends on how much assurance you need that your financial statements are presented fairly.

In an audit, our professionals provide their opinion on your financial statements. Limited assurance is provided with a review and in a compilation, our auditors would compile the financial information you give to us and provide you with our auditors’ report.

Audit, review or compilation: what’s the difference?

Agreed Upon Procedures

Are you concerned that you need better internal controls? Maybe you’d like to test your payroll transactions or take a look at another area of operations in your entity. Whether you need agreed upon procedures to meet a compliance requirement, or you want to look into a specific issue, our services can be tailored to your needs.

  • Internal control studies
  • Cost and functional expense allocation analysis
  • Operational review

Is an agreed upon procedure engagement right for you?

Controls and programs to minimize fraud

Audit + Tax

If your business, organization or entity is in need of tax services, our audit professionals work in close collaboration with our 50+ tax professionals and can provide all the tax and audit services you’re looking for under one roof.

The impact of hosting services on auditor’s independence


Our auditors have specialized experience with assurance services in a number of industries. Key practice areas include:

Don’t see your industry? Our specialists are ready to help with your audit needs and provide these services for a variety of businesses and organizations.

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