When it comes to evaluating how your business is doing, accounting and financial statements alone aren’t always enough to show the big picture. You need business foresight from professionals who will do more than just crunch numbers. Our auditors are committed to understanding your business so you can improve operations, strengthen your performance and increase profits.

Accounting and Audit Services Professionals

While many CPA firms work on audits during the downtime of summer after tax season is over, our audit team works on engagements for clients like you year-round. If you have questions or other needs, your auditors are always just a phone call or email away. Our Partners have more than 150 combined years’ experience providing auditing and accounting services which means you can expect the highest level of knowledge and service.


Henry+Horne has been providing companies with audit and accounting services since 1957. When the Firm first opened, all accounting and auditing tasks were done by hand. Team members used as many as a dozen carbons in their typewriters to make the necessary copies of certified audits – on spreadsheets, no less.


The management of SAI Technology is very pleased with the professional representation that is provided by Henry+Horne. We are confident in the professionals at Henry+Horne and believe that they are and will continue to be a valuable asset to our organization.

SAI Technology

Henry+Horne has provided outstanding audit and business consulting support to Shasta for the last 8 years. Christine Brueser and her team have taken the time to understand our business and consistently deliver the support and resources that match our requirements.

Shasta Industries

Henry+Horne has provided auditing services for our company’s 401(k) plan for several years, always providing professional and timely services. The staff is easy to work with and always willing to discuss my concerns and respond to questions. I am confident that you will be pleased with the services they provide.

Bruce Harkins