Heading up a successful business or nonprofit means a lot of important areas – operations, accounting, and more – that need your constant attention to stay running smoothly. Having the right processes and controls in place can make it easy to monitor your operations, improve efficiency and ultimately, help you meet your goals.

That’s where our CPAs come in. They can analyze your operations and put your processes and controls into an easy-to-understand flow chart. Our specialists have audit backgrounds, so they’re familiar with accounting processes, internal operations, fraud risk and more. The goal of this service is to help you:

  • Strengthen your control structure
  • Enhance segregation of duties
  • Strengthen areas with control deficiencies
  • Identify missing controls
  • Consolidate duplicated processes and controls
  • Minimize mistakes
  • Enhance compliance with laws and regulations
  • Efficiently transition turnover by having a documented framework of processes

Importance of audit evidence

Is it time to update your processes and controls? 

Internal controls in small organizations

The importance of segregation of duties

You probably have your processes and controls written down, but who has time to read a 50-page, how-to manual? Do you have team members who skim over it and end up finding their own way to do things? Maybe you have high turnover, or it’s difficult to stay on top of who’s doing what.

The flow chart is organized by position, so team members know their roles and if anyone deviates from it, it’s easy to find where the process got off track. This can improve your training of team members by acting as a guide that saves a lot of time and questions. The flow chart also helps those at the top or who serve on your Board know how processes and operations are handled.

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