You have questions. We have answers. Let us help you organize and optimize your systems and procedures so all your information is easily accessible and can help you make the business decisions you need to grow and prosper.


Consulting with a professional provides benchmarks and best practices that will help optimize your accounting procedures so you’re better positioned for your next audit. With a combined experience of more than 140 years, your Henry+Horne advisor will help you evaluate your accounting operations, optimize your data and review your processes to ensure you’re getting the best results from your data and accounting systems.


Henry+Horne’s Advisory Services launched in 2020 with the aim of providing clients with added value and assistance with their internal operations and systems. Inadequate accounting processes can lead to unnecessarily complications. Advisory Services was created to help clients make the most of their data and internal operations.

Accounting + Audit

When it comes to evaluating how your business is doing, accounting and financial statements alone aren’t always enough to show the big picture. You need business foresight from professionals who will do more than just crunch numbers. Our auditors are committed to understanding your business so you can improve operations, strengthen your performance and increase profits.

Data Analytics

Optimize your organization by making your data work for you. Henry+Horne’s Data Analytics service organizes your data to make it more accessible so you can see distinguishable patterns and identify red flags.

  • Areas of Data Analytics
  • Dashboards+Visualizations
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting

Internal Audit

Make sure you have the right processes and controls in place to make it easy to monitor your operations, improve efficiency and ultimately, help you meet your goals. We analyze your operations to ensure all your needs are being met.

Litigation + Valuation

When you’re facing complex litigation + valuation issues, you want professionals who can deliver accurate results. Maybe you need an expert witness to testify. Or you need to know what your business is worth for a legal matter. Whatever your needs, we offer a range of specialized services.


Taxes change. A lot! They’re also complex. Did you know the federal tax code is more than 74,000 pages? Who has time to look at that? Lucky for you, we do. You want CPAs who keep up with changing tax laws and new legislation, so you can make smart tax planning moves that maximize your wealth while minimizing your current and future tax liabilities.