Charities and nonprofit organizations need the same kind of sound business advice as for-profit organizations because your success depends on more than just maintaining your tax exempt status. Our nonprofit accounting specialists offer all of the financial services your organization needs to operate smoothly so you can focus on what matters most – making a difference in the communities you serve.

Nonprofit Accountants

Our nonprofit group is a well-known leader in CPA services for nonprofit organizations in Arizona. They work exclusively with the nonprofit industry and receive CPE customized to your needs. Our audit team also understands the issues that are on your mind because their commitment to the nonprofit industry goes beyond their work. They volunteer on boards and committees for local charities, so they see the challenges you face first-hand and can provide valuable feedback and recommendations.

Nonprofit Services

Giving back allows you to help others, show compassion and make a difference. But to do all of that, your nonprofit needs to be operating at its best. Our professionals specialize in a range of nonprofit consulting services that can meet your organization’s financial needs and more.

Nonprofit Audit Services

Public confidence is important to nonprofits. It’s what brings in donations to support your mission. Audits for nonprofits help make sure your organization is operating under best practices and safeguarding the donations the public trusts you with to use properly. Our professionals can perform all of the audit services you need to ensure your nonprofit’s continued success.

Tax Exempt Services

Getting everything you need in one place makes life easier. Rather than having your tax and audit services done by separate CPA firms, let our nonprofit specialists help you with the various tax issues that impact your organization and prepare all of your returns.

Nonprofit Accounting Services

What should you do if your nonprofit doesn’t have the budget for an accounting staff? Don’t assume just any staff member can do it – accounting for nonprofits requires specialized skills. Letting our professionals handle your accounting needs not only makes sure your books are done properly, but can also provide greater flexibility and possibly save you money – always a win for a nonprofit organization.

Review Services

Sometimes nonprofits have to do more with less. If your organization doesn’t have enough people to properly segregate duties and implement adequate internal control measures, you could be at risk for fraud. Our specialists can identify and solve your internal control problems and also provide recommendations for how to improve them.

Cost Analysis

How your nonprofit allocates costs is important for a number of reasons such as Form 990 preparation, allocations to federal programs, GAAP compliance and more. Our professionals understand the different functional categories of expenses and also how your organization’s operations may affect classification. Let us help you put together a written cost allocation plan that is easy for your staff to understand, can be followed on a consistent basis and has a documented basis for the allocation methods used.

Board of Directors Education

Who doesn’t need an update on issues affecting the nonprofit industry every now and then? It helps keep the important things top of mind for everyone involved with your organization. You can take advantage of our complimentary educational opportunity. Our nonprofit team is happy to provide any of our past Nonprofit Learning Series Seminars such as “Understanding Financial Statements” or “Board Governance in Nonprofits” to the Board of Directors of any nonprofit in the Valley. It’s another opportunity for us to give back to you and the community so we can work together to make sure those in need have the best support available. Expand your understanding and advance your knowledge on a variety of nonprofit issues with our webinar series.

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