You say it to your customers all the time. Diagnostic tuneups and preventative maintenance save money, time and headaches over the long haul. Why not take your own advice?

The CPA Tuneup® is a specialized service offered exclusively by Henry+Horne. Your dealership specialists do more than just prepare your tax return and make sure you’re compliant. They create an approach specific to your needs and become a partner in the management of your dealership – giving you customized value you won’t get with other firms.

Do you want to establish new procedures? Maybe your employees need training in certain areas. Our professionals visit your dealership, get to know the ins and outs of employees’ responsibilities and help you find and fix issues such as:

  • Weak links in internal and operational controls
  • Underutilization of your computer system
  • Procedural problems that cost you money
  • Monitoring of privacy issues and regulation
  • Reconciling and cleaning up balances on your general ledger and schedules
  • Streamlining processes specific to your dealership to be more efficient and profitable
  • Improving report efficiency, including your DOC
  • Streamlining accounts payable through shorter batch run processes and setup

Over time, the cost of not working with an automotive CPA and consultant is greater than actual fees you would pay. The CPA Tuneup® for your business can be customized not only for the areas where you want more oversight but also for fees and how often you want a CPA Tuneup® performed.

Have you looked under the hood lately?

A CPA Tuneup® can focus on virtually any department in your dealership. Our team will sit down with you and ask key questions to help determine which departments might have the most potential for increased profitability. You could focus on any of these:

  • Accounting
  • Body shop
  • Human resources
  • Parts
  • Purchasing/procurement
  • Sales
  • Service

Let us help you stop the leaks in your processes to get the profits flowing back into your bottom line.

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