Construction is one of the last unconsolidated industries in the country. At its core, it’s still a family-owned industry and you put your heart into running your business. To do that successfully, you need a team of audit, accounting, business and tax specialists who are experienced in the challenges you face, passionate about the construction industry and committed to helping you.

From buying your land to completing your building project, our professionals have the skills and extensive industry knowledge to meet your needs throughout the life of your business or project. They work with a wide range of clients such as:

  • General contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Surveyors
  • Developers
  • Investors

Construction Industry Accountants

Our construction specialists have more than 140 years’ combined experience. They are heavily involved in the organizations that matter most to you through both memberships and providing training. Our professionals have written books, offer industry classes on a national level that often sell out and more. Their affiliations include the American Subcontractors Association, Arizona Builders Alliance, the Construction Financial Management Association and the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association.

Construction Services

The issues you face are challenging and complex. Your business is impacted by economic, tax and financial factors. With an ever-changing economy, tax laws and other rules and regulations, you want to work with a construction accountant who can do it all.

Audit Services

Whether you’re a contractor, developer or investor, you want your business to be not only structurally sound but also financially sound. From audited, reviewed or compiled financial statements to assessing and improving your internal controls, our professionals provide services to help with all of your needs.

Construction Accounting Services

Are you dealing with unique construction business accounting issues? Maybe you think it’s time to streamline your processes or clean up your books. Our specialists can work with you to make sure your accounting function is operating effectively and efficiently. You’ll see the benefits of managing your cash better, catching and correcting errors quickly and more.

Tax Consulting + Compliance

Working in construction, you face specialized tax matters. Maybe you’re dealing with sales tax issues or wondering if a cost segregation study is right for your business. If you’re a developer, are you taking advantage of important tax incentives like incorporating green technologies into your property? Let our professionals handle your tax prep and help you maximize every savings opportunity.

Construction Advisory Services 

Focusing on your tax, accounting and audit needs is important to your business health. But are there other areas that could use some attention too? Do you have a succession plan for when you retire? Would your management be prepared to handle an organizational change such as downsizing? Our specialists can do more than your tax return.

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