My goal is to have a meaningful impact on my clients and my team members – whether it’s helping clients through a difficult time or making sure my team has the knowledge and tools they need to be successful. I enjoy working with them and I want them all to be happy.

About Pamela

Pamela Wheeler specializes in the taxation of trusts, estates and individuals as part of the Estate, Gift + Trust department.

Before joining Henry+Horne in 1998, Pamela worked as a Senior Manager in the Trust Divisions of two large California banks specializing in fiduciary and estate taxation. She also spent several years working with two national CPA firms in Los Angeles and Phoenix, managing fiduciary compliance work for a major multi-state bank on an outsourcing basis.

Her favorite thing about working at Henry+Horne is that it feels like a family. She says you can always go to someone for help, to learn or just to share something – and everyone works so well together.

Pamela is enrolled to practice before the IRS and she is a Certified Specialist in Estate Planning (CSEP).

When she’s not working, you can find Pamela spending time outdoors. She is a passionate hiker and hikes the Grand Canyon every year.


Golden Gate University, Master of Science in Taxation

Northern Arizona University, Bachelor’s Degree

Firm Roles

Tax Committee

Tax Training Committee


Arizona Humane Society, Planned Giving Committee

Central Arizona Estate Planning Council

Paradise Valley Estate Planning Group

Phoenix Zoo , Planned Giving Advisory Committee

Tax and Legal Seminar, Chair

Valley Estate Planners

Did You Know?

What would be impossible for you to give up?

Sunshine and coffee.

What is the first thing you ever won?

A “Ladmo Bag” from the Wallace and Ladmo show

What do you hate the sound of?


What dish do you cook well?

Cooking is a passion, so I can’t think of a specific dish, but our family’s incredible chocolate birthday cake would be on top of the list.

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