I love the challenge of solving problems, especially because every client comes to me with a different issue. I have a reputation of being a tax geek, and having the opportunity to tackle a wide range of problems not only keeps my job interesting, but also motivates me to make all of my clients happy.

About Bradley

Brad Dimond is extensively involved with the planning and compliance aspects of closely held businesses and their owners. He specializes in transactional work for clients in the restaurant, real estate, service, retail and wholesale distribution and manufacturing industries. His more than 35 years’ experience in the accounting industry also includes helping clients with divestitures, reorganizations, IRS audit defense and mergers and acquisitions.

Brad joined Henry+Horne in 2003 after spending two years as a senior executive at a small public company overseeing all aspects of the tax operations, as well as insurance and risk management, human resources and the legal department. He also worked for two global accounting firms and is very happy to now be with a local firm.

Outside of work you can find Brad spending time with his kids, taking his dogs for a walk, cooking or listening to music. In fact, if he wasn’t an accountant he would want to work in the music business or be a professional baseball player. His other big dream is to win the Powerball and take a year to attend every major sporting event – the Super Bowl, Tour de France, World Cup, etc.


Loyola University, Juris Doctor

University of Illinois, Bachelor of Science in Finance

Firm Roles

Tax Committee

Real Estate Group

Restaurant Group


American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants

Certified Public Accountant, Arizona and Illinois

Jewish Community Foundation

Licensed Attorney, Illinois (inactive status)

Did you know?

What word describes you best?

What’s your favorite thing about working at Henry+Horne?
The culture and the people. I like that we’re the “nice-guy” firm.

What are you really afraid of?
Losing my mind.

If you could have any superpower, what ability would you want?
I wish I could fly.

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