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Young Nonprofit Professionals Network

young nonprofit professionals network, nonprofit, accounting, YNPNThe Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN) is a group solely devoted to helping and training young professionals who want to devote their energy and commitment to the social sector. YNPN looks for those who are purpose-loving changers, mission-driving professionals, big idea pushers and cause crusaders who make nonprofits happen. The network connects nonprofits with young/passionate professionals who are seeking to do more within their career and community. YNPN gives helpful tools to encourage tomorrow’s nonprofits leaders. Their main goal is to build healthier communities and a more equitable world.

When I heard how YNPN wanted to help young professionals get involved in organizational leadership, this displayed to me something different than other organizations and made the choice of joining YNPN clear. I knew they would be a group of young professionals, like myself, who want to see our communities change for the better. However, I do want to stress the point that even though our culture is looking for the next “young” generation to make the big changes, there are so many who are not “young” leading the way to help many of us get involved. YNPN seeks to bring together young professionals’ desire for change within our communities, strength of speed and passion to make an individual who can enact change while still thinking deeply about the social sector. YNPN desires to see future leaders have a mindset that encompasses these attributes.

There are many of us who want to see change but this is not simply done with walking in the road holding signs. Rather, it’s being an active member or volunteer in a nonprofit organization that directly helps combat the social holdings that keep us from being able to move forward. This, combined with those who seek to push harder for the mission of helping others.

If you’re a young nonprofit professional looking to get more involved, I encourage you look into the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network.

Mark Young