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Henry+Horne volunteers at Ryan House

Ryan House, Henry+Horne, community service, volunteer, give backOn Saturday June 24, six other Henry+Horne team members and I had the privilege of volunteering at a local organization, Ryan House. If you have never heard of Ryan House, please take the time to read this and go to their website, because it truly is an amazing organization.

Ryan House partners with families to provide the very best pediatric palliative care. (Palliative care is medical care focused on improving the quality of life of patients with serious illnesses, as by treating symptoms and providing emotional support…thank you In 2014/2015 Ryan House served a total of 252 children enrolled in the respite program. One hundred fifty six children received a total of 411 respite stays where life-enhancing therapeutic activities were provided. Thirty two of these children were new admissions to the respite program. Top diagnoses of the children served included cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, mitochondrial disease, and brain deformation/trauma. Approximately 50% of children served were male and 50% were female; the majority of children receiving Hospice services were Hispanic. Ryan House also cares for parents, guardians and siblings staying in the house.

So, now that you know a little bit about the organization you can understand our event. Henry+Horne went shopping to provide all the Tupperware and ingredients to make meals (enchiladas with rice and beans) for the families that are staying at Ryan House. Together, seven of us made and provided the following:

  • 80 enchiladas which is 6.67 dozen (a nice little assortment)
    • White sauce w/ chicken, onion, green chilies, olives
    • Red sauce with the same minus the olives
    • Red sauce and just chicken and cheese
    • Red sauce cheese enchiladas
  • 6 boxes of Rice A Roni (The San Francisco treat)
  • 8 cans of black beans

The families and staff were very appreciative and would come in from time to time to thank us and let us know how good it smelled. That alone was worth every bit, but it wasn’t until they offered us a tour of the facility that really opened our eyes to what an amazing organization they are. Words cannot describe it, so I am not going to even try, but instead I will encourage you to get involved with volunteering yourself whether it is at Ryan House or elsewhere. Find out what is in your community and what they offer, by offering small portions of your own time. Also, if there is an area of need in your community, tell us about it via our “How can we help?” web submission form on our about page.

Thank you to all our team members and thank you Ryan House for all that you do!

Christopher Morrison, CPA