Are You Using Social Media To Achieve Your Marketing Goals? Part II

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Now you have your marketing plan in place and some do’s and don’ts you are ready to get your accounts set up based on your target audience.  If you have defined LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and blogging as good social media tools for your organization read on to learn about some great resources for you to get started, or improve your social media sites.

Not a lot of organizations are fully utilizing LinkedIn to their advantage.  It’s a great social media tool with the average user being 41 years old making around $110,000 annually.  To ensure you are fully utilizing LinkedIn check out their Best Practices page.  For step-by-step instructions on how to use the various tools on LinkedIn check out our LinkedIn training page on our website.

If you find that your target audience is on Twitter make sure you follow Room to Read to get some great ideas on how they do what they do to make Twitter successful.  Room to Read actually had some help from Twitter to make it a success, so following their model can help your organization get started, or improve, on Twitter.

If you find that your target audience is on Facebook make sure you check out the March of Dimes and the American Red Cross for some good examples.  There are also two great resources for your organization to use to build your Facebook page or to improve what you already have.  When you’re in Facebook, in the search feature type:
1. Non-Profits on Facebook; or
2. The Nonprofit Facebook Guy.

Both pages are great resources and provide some great tips and tricks on how to have a successful Facebook page.

Are you blogging?  Is blogging for your organization?  If so, here are some blog tips to ensure you are maximizing your organizations blog.
1. 250 – 500 words
2. Title of the blog post is very important
3. Guest posting helps promote your blog
4. Make sure you are writing for the reader and what your reader wants to know
5. Use bold for keywords throughout your post
6. Use images as it is easy on the eyes
7. Keep your blog post informal as it is not a professional article
8. Use a subtle call to action

If you have not already started using social media in your organization I really suggest you get started now as social media is not going away.

Jaimi Koechel