Your IRS Tax Season Questions Answered Part II

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I got this IRS notice and I don’t understand it. What does it mean? As tax season continues, these are some of the top gripes of taxpayers. If these aren’t frustrating enough, no one wants to sit on hold for hours trying to call the IRS to get them resolved. Here’s some helpful information for getting your issues solved and your questions answered.

I don’t understand this IRS notice.

You definitely don’t want to put off responding to the IRS or ignoring a notice. Be sure to read the letter from start to finish. You can get on the IRS website for more information on the type of notice you received. This may be a situation where you want to call your CPA. He or she can work with the IRS on your behalf to ensure any outcomes are in your best interest.

Where’s my amended return?

The answer is probably “still processing”. It can take up to 16 weeks for the IRS to process an amended return once it’s received. It can take up to 3 weeks from the date you mailed it to show up in the system. Once it’s in, you can start tracking it on the IRS website using the “Where’s My Amended Return?” tool. Calling the IRS will not speed up the process. In fact, whoever you talk to won’t be able to give you any additional information while your return moves through processing.

When can I expect the refund for my amended return?

Any expected refund will only come after the IRS has completed processing. Using “Where’s My Amended Return?” will help you track processing, but the IRS doesn’t specifically include this information. You should expect a long wait (up to 16 weeks) to see your money.

And if all else fails … or if you just don’t have the time to deal with these matters, contact your CPA. Yes, you’ll have to engage a professional, but it may be well-worth it to save yourself the headache of dealing with the IRS.

Melinda Nelson, CPA