Uncle Sam Wants You! – IRS Advisory Council

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Uncle Sam wants your help. The Internal Revenue Service is currently accepting applications for membership in the IRS Advisory Council (IRSAC) for a three-year term beginning January, 2017. The IRSAC’s purpose is to provide an organized public forum for IRS officials and representatives of the public to discuss relevant tax administration issues. The Council strives to suggest operational improvements (that part shouldn’t be too hard right?); constructive observations (read…not just criticisms) about the IRS’s current or proposed policies, programs, and procedures, and advises the IRS on particular issues having substantive effect of federal tax administration. A report is then presented to the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue each year at a public meeting.

Council members meet in Washington, D.C. approximately five times a year for two days per session and are not paid for their services. However, travel expenses (such as airfare, per diem, and ground transportation) are reimbursed within prescribed federal travel limitations.

Applicants must have a strong tax or business background, excellent communication skills, practical tax administration experience and knowledge, and the ability to interact in a diversified environment. Other qualifications include knowledge of Circular 230 regulations and the ability to examine situations from a macro perspective.

Applications are being accepted until June 24, 2016 for four open appointments out of 35 total members. Background checks will be required of all applicants. Those applicants deemed best qualified will also have to undergo a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) check. Go to IRS.gov and search “advisory council” for more information and an application.

By Dale F. Jensen, CPA