Tips and tricks for charitable and tax-exempt organizations

Your Guide to State, Local, Federal, Estate + International Taxation

IRS, tax-exempt, charitable, nonprofitIf you are a charitable or tax-exempt organization, there are many tools and resources available to you to get information about your taxes. All you have to do is visit for multiple helpful resources. I have provided some of them below.

Tax Information for Charitable Organizations – Features links to forms and publications with information for nonprofits including, but not limited to, exemption requirements, required filings for exempt organizations, unrelated business tax income, tax information for churches and religious organizations and many more!

Applying for Tax Exempt Status – Offers information about how to apply for IRS recognition of tax-exempt status if you are a charitable, religious or educational organization, a social welfare organization or another type of nonprofit tax-exempt organization.

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Annual Reporting and Filing – Provides access to the 990-series forms, requirements and filing tips. Also provides a link to the most common errors causing the return of a Form 990 return, including missing or incomplete schedules.

Revoked? Reinstated? Learn More – Information about the automatic revocation process and how to be reinstated. It also details what happens if you lose your tax-exempt status.

Tax Exempt Organization Search – Features a link to research for a tax-exempt organization’s status. – The website offers tax basics and in-depth topics for exempt organizations.

Educational Resources and Guidance – Lots of publications, forms, official guidance, educational resources and live training options to help better your understanding of the requirements of your organization.

These links can provide useful information to you and your tax-exempt organization when planning for next year’s taxes!

KC Kolb