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They said what? Funny tax season water cooler moments.

It’s the end of tax season…sort of. Since our world these days seems to be a mixture of online and in person, this annual blog on the things we have heard is along similar lines.

  • A new IT guy when faced with the dilemma of the high powered scanner not working properly. “Why don’t you just scan one page at a time?” Thank you, but that will be a hard no.
  • A senior manager, when given the message upon logging into the tax program – Error 403 – Forbidden, asked if she had been fired. Seriously, programmers, Forbidden? Surely something a little nicer could be used, such as “We are currently broken. Please try again later.”
  • An over worked intern sent me the following message: “Help! I deleted the wrong file and I don’t know how to get it back. Is it even possible to get it back?” It is possible and I told him how to recover it.
  • Under the you cannot make this stuff up category: A senior manager, out of the kindness of her heart, did me a solid by just preparing a small trust return for me with no activity, since the trust deadlines were not extended. But there was a note about changing the trustee’s address. Come to find out there is activity. And the trustee changed their mind back about the address change. But that only took us three days to tie down.
  • “The partnership equity section is a nightmare, but at least the IRS has defined a restaurant for us.” (Editor’s Note: Relates to IRS Notice 2021-25 and the new instructions for Form 1065).

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Look, not our best tax season. A hybrid of working remotely, interns solely remotely, clients on video, on the phone and via email. And so many law changes. And form changes. But, we persevered. And we have one month to get extensions done for individuals. Thank you for hanging with us, we are going to get it done. But first, a well-deserved three day weekend – the last time April 15th fell on a Thursday was in 2010 – we have been waiting 11 years for a three day weekend finish to a tax season and intend to enjoy every moment of it.

Donna H Laubscher, CPA