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Taxable social security wages are rising for 2021

The Social Security Administration announced a 2021 increase to the amount of wages subject to the old age, survivors, and disability insurance (OASDI) tax. The wage limit was $137,700 for 2020 but will rise to $142,800 starting in 2021. This amount changes each year with the national average wage index.

The current Social Security (OASDI) tax rate is 6.2%. An employee who reaches the threshold for their wages will pay the maximum tax of $8,853.60 for year 2021 with the employer matching it. We can find this by multiplying the 6.2% rate by the wage limit of $142,800.

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In addition, in 2021 self-employed individuals will pay the 12.4% Social Security (OASDI) rate up to the limit of $142,800 which equals out to a maximum tax of $17,707.20.

Unlike the Social Security tax wage limit of $142,800, the Medicare tax rate of 1.45% is applied to all applicable wages no matter how high.

The Additional Medicare Tax (from the ACA) is withheld from wages of high-income wage earners. If you are single and earning more than $200,000 or married filing jointly earning more than $250,000 you will have to pay an additional (.9%) in Medicare taxes with your tax return. Employers are required to withhold this tax from your wages when they pay you more than $200,000 in a calendar year regardless of filing status. You are responsible for paying any Additional Medicare tax that is not covered by the employer’s withholding with your personal tax return.

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Ryan Murphy