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Tax Season: Overheard in the Hallways

So as another tax season comes to an end, I am going to share some memories of conversations overheard in the hallway, just as I was walking by. Obviously, these are just snippets of conversations, but show how patient we try to be with our clients.

  • “No, you cannot just put the same numbers on your 2015 return that were on your 2014 return.”
  • “There is not an option to deduct on your tax return all of the items you purchased during the year for your personal use.”
  • This one is great – it is from Friday, April 15th – CPA: “So, I have this piece of paper with your deductions on it – did you bring me any of the income items?” Client: “No, I left those at home.” CPA: “You will probably need to make another trip to our office”
  • This one we always get every year – by a variety of clients – usually those that get their information in late. Client: “When will it be ready? You know – the deadline is Monday.” CPA (in our head and not out of our mouths): “We are quite aware of when the deadline is. Thank you!” What we actually say: “We will call you when it is ready.”
  • In the lobby, as the client is picking up the return – “I just received this in the mail – is it included in this return?”
  • Client: “Emancipation Day – what is that?” CPA: “It is the reason that tax season can never end on a Friday.”

Thank you to all of our team members and our clients for your patience and your understanding and your hard work. We have survived another tax season. But, then, we always do.

By Donna H. Laubscher, CPA