A wish list for a tax preparer

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tax, tax preparer, wish list, CPA, accountantA wish list for a tax preparer – what is that, you might wonder? Well, it is sort of like a Christmas list during tax season. Here are some of the things that are on my list, and might be on the list of any tax preparer, in case you are in a giving mood:

  • Pizza deliveries where it does not look like the driver took corners as if it was a NASCAR race, sliding that yummy goodness all around in the box.
  • A ban on highlighters. I get it; I really like pretty colors also. But we are paperless and scan everything and highlighters scan as a black line.
  • Occasional inclement weather on a Saturday in March when I am working. I realize that is kind of mean. Sorry for that.
  • A ban on staples. See above regarding the scanning and being paperless. So we need to remove all of the staples.
  • More dark chocolate. The darker, the better. Plain, nuts, toffee – it doesn’t matter. Just more chocolate.
  • Every page of the brokerage account 1099. Yes, even if it is 87 pages, I want all 87 pages. I am not nosy; I am preparing a proper tax return. Well, maybe I am nosy, but not regarding your brokerage account.
  • Since I live in Arizona, a holding off the 100 degree days until the end of May, so I get to enjoy some spring weather also.
  • Ban on identity theft – it is stressful for our clients when someone else has tried to file under their SSN, and it is stressful for us, also, in trying to get the returns filed and through the system on paper.
  • An extra hour per day. Just during tax season. But every day during tax season.

Here are some of the things that I have, that others may wish for. So I feel blessed with these:

  • An understanding family – this is my chosen profession and I love it. Thank you for allowing me to be successful, because I am not home as much as any of us would like.
  • Friends who get it – if we have plans on a Saturday night and I am sleepy by 8:30 pm and need to go home – no judgment. Thank you for that.

And since it is a wish list, I wish there was a real life laundry fairy.

Donna H. Laubscher, CPA