Stopping the Bleeding…California MyFTB being Upgraded

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With the IRS and large retailers getting hacked, the California Franchise Tax Board is hoping to do better with security and is doing an identity verification upgrade to the MyFTB system .

Taxpayers and tax practitioners who have existing accounts on MyFTB can continue to use those accounts during the upgrade but no new accounts may be registered until the process is complete. The expected completion date is January 4, 2016.

After the new upgrade is installed in January 2016, taxpayers and practitioners with an account will be required to reregister their MyFTB accounts using a two-step process

  • First, the taxpayer will go online to begin the new process.
  • Second, the FTB will mail a PIN to the mailing address attached to the account and the taxpayer must go online to complete the process.

Tax practitioners or their clients who are not registered MyFTB users will need to contact FTB centers for assistance with any of the following services:

  • Verify estimated tax payments.
  • View recent payments.
  • View account summary and tax year detail.
  • View California wage and withholding information for up to four years.
  • View FTB-issued 1099 information.

The following services do not require registration and are still available to practitioners or their clients:

  • Check refund status.
  • Web Pay for Individuals (non-registered version).
  • Pay by credit card.
  • Apply for an installment agreement.
  • Use Live Chat.
  • Calculate their tax.
  • Take Head of Household self-test.
  • Ask a tax question by e-mail.
  • Get an e-mail reminder to file/make estimate payments.
  • Use subscription services.
  • Access MYCOD account.
  • Report tax fraud.
  • Get an entity status letter.
  • File 199N e-post card.

By Melinda Nelson, CPA