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Overheard during tax season

This has turned into somewhat of an annual look back on the tax season that has just passed. You know, things that have been overheard, but that make no sense to anyone who just happened to be passing through that little slice of time during tax season.

But this year it is a little bit different. Okay, it is quite a bit different. With almost the entire team working remotely, those afternoon funny things heard in passing just don’t have the same je na sois quoi that they do in person.

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And the tax season has not really even passed – yet. It is extended for 90 days. But in the hopes of having some little bit of normal, it seemed that the blog should post anyway.

So, here we go:

Client left me a voice mail and said it was urgent I call. I called. He wanted to let me know that his tax information would be to me in two weeks.

“Who knows this? Is Rainbow Connection The Muppets?”

Male colleague to another associate: “I am being mansplained on depreciation.”

“In the email I told the client that file was protected with the last four of their SSN.” Client response – “I have forgotten my password”

You may end up in hell, but I will be there to keep you company.

My computer is acting weird.

Client: “I don’t know what is different about the trust now.” Spoiler alert – the deceased beneficiary.

Not all heroes wear capes.

Is it asking too much for the years to be chronological?

If I attempted to cook a big meal, I would burn my apartment down.

Intern question: He put in the organizer that he wants to claim his wife as a dependent. I did not know you could do that, so I left them as married filing joint. Partner response: Aren’t clients cute?

Microsoft Teams Exchange: Per 1040X instructions, the IRS will not accept checks of more than $100 million. Response: When I am giggling out loud is when I know it is getting late.

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Did you kick it? Swear at it? What was the trick?

I think he has been drinking. I have seen nothing on that.

Not pictured is worksheet C. Where they ask you about your daily eating habits and exercise routines.

In other news, I went to Costco this morning and made it out alive.

We are still taking Thursday, April 16th off as a firm holiday. The only bit of normal in our world right now. We’re also available to answer any of your tax related questions so don’t hesitate to contact us. Stay safe and healthy.

Donna H. Laubscher, CPA