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Of Baseball and Senators

This is not technically tax related, unless you stretch the fact that Senator John McCain was at the same baseball game as my family on August 12th.  He has had a hand In Tax legislation for decade’s worth of my career.

But the exciting part was seeing the joy on my oldest daughter’s face when she realized he was just two sections over from us.  Because that daughter just graduated from college as a history major (seriously, no accounting majors for my children!).   Both daughters went up to him and he could not have been nicer as he posed for a picture with them.  Of course, the skeptical tax accountant thinks he knows constituents of any age, but he was very accommodating.  There could not be two more excited young females in Chase Field this evening.

The best part – it was not someone from a reality show on tv – it was a senator.  And I have one very ecstatic student teacher and one pretty happy aspiring history major – because, yes, the second child has declared history as her major.

So, meeting someone from their history books is indeed an exciting thing.  It may not translate into more tax law or do anything for speeding up the process of the eagerly awaited repair regs, but it made for a cool evening at the ballpark.  Plus the Diamondbacks won – on a walk off home, run, no less!

By Donna H. Laubscher, CPA