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Do You Know and Trust Your Accountant?

What do you look for in a CPA? Knowledge of tax codes? Professionalism? Business advice? Personality? Wait, what? Did that last one throw you for a loop?

It may seem odd to include personality on the list, but it is actually important. Think about it. People like doing business with people they like. Do you like your accountant? Or better yet, do you know and trust your accountant? The question carries a lot of weight. Your accountant plays a pivotal role in helping to guide your financial well-being. That’s a major area of your life to entrust to someone else. See where I’m going here? You don’t want someone who’s simply going to put your tax return together and send you on your way while saying see you next year.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word accountant as “someone whose job is to keep the financial records of a business or person”. That definition is true, but it’s also boring and only scratches the surface of what it means to be a CPA!

We view and treat our clients as more than just financial records. That’s because we know your business is more than just your livelihood – it represents your dreams, your passions and your hard work. Saving on taxes is more than just putting money back in your pocket – it’s about reaching your goals and making sure your family is financially secure. How do we know all of this? Because we have the same passions, dreams, goals and desires for ourselves and our families.

That’s why we’re taking a new, unique approach to showcasing the Firm’s leadership with video bios. There’s more to our talented team members than where they went to school and their professional designations. What we’re saying is – Accountants: They’re Just Like Us! Head to our website to check out our video bios and get to know the CPAs who truly care about more than just the numbers.

Elizabeth Bolt


  1. It makes sense to me why you would want to know your accountant and their personality. You will share a lot of information with them, and it’s important to feel comfortable about it. The better you can work with them, the easier the job will become.