IRS resources for a simpler tax season

Your Guide to State, Local, Federal, Estate + International Taxation

With the large number of complex tax law changes during recent years, filing may seem even more daunting than in previous years, but the IRS has a vast number of resources that will make completing your 2021 Tax return much simpler. Some of the most useful IRS resources are:

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When it comes to choosing a tax professional, it can be quite stressful finding the right tax preparer for your needs. The IRS provides a wealth of information regarding credentials and qualifications including a video detailing the right way to choose a tax preparer. In addition to this, there is a Directory of Federal Tax Return Preparers which enables you to find preparers in certain areas with specific credentials.

In many instances, you may be trying to find specific tax law questions tailored to your individual needs. The IRS has the Interactive Tax Assistance for situations like this which has answers to countless tax questions and provides useful information on the changes that occurred during 2021 and how they may be affecting you. In addition, the tax assistant can help find tax credits and deductions that you are eligible for.

Along with these educational services, the IRS gives you the ability to file your tax return IRS Free File and pay your taxes electronically through the IRS online, by phone or through their IRS2Go app. The service they offer is called Direct Pay  which is a free, secure way of paying directly from a checking or savings account. To qualify for direct deposit on your tax return, you must include this information within your tax return filing. This is highly encouraged in most scenarios as it gives you access to your tax refunds much faster and avoids the potential transit risks associated with a paper check.

It is super important to get a head start on your taxes as the 2022 filing date is quickly approaching and a great way to do that is familiarizing yourself with the variety of tools on the IRS site. Feel free to contact your Henry+Horne tax advisor with questions on any information you may come across.

Matthew Bolden