IRS e-Services outage happening this week

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IRS e-Services, upgrade, cyber securityAs an update to a previous announcement regarding upgrades being made to IRS e-services. The IRS has announced that there will be a complete outage of all e-Services including registration, transcript delivery systems and TIN matching from 6 p.m. EDT, Thursday, August 17, until 6 a.m. EDT, Monday August 21. The outage is necessary to complete the platform transition and perform necessary testing of the system. The outage will affect all users including bulk users such as TIN Matching.

State tax agency users are also affected by the planned outage and will be unable to submit new e-file and TDS applications for state coordinators or change existing e-file and TDS applications for state coordinators from August 17 until late October. Access to transcripts by states will not be affected. If a state has a critical need to add or remove an individual from a state application, states should contact their IRS government liaison representative.

ACA Information Return (AIR) filers may resume submission of applications for transmitter control codes starting on August 22. The application process for AIR users has been offline since July due to the continuing upgrade.

Again, users should be aware that scams are currently out there trying to take advantage of these efforts to strengthen IRS e-services against security breaches and identity thieves, including one where an e-mail asks you to click on a link to update your account but it’s actually an attempt to steal your e-services credentials. The IRS says other improvements will be made as its budget allows.

Dale F. Jensen, CPA