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Heard in the halls goes work from home – heard via Teams

So, normally, this is a blog that I do for April 15th, about those fun, punchy things that happen when everyone is overworked and tired and just get a case of the giggles.

This year, we started with that, and then ended with the work from home edition. But we also have a reprieve – since the filing deadline was automatically extended an additional 90 days to July 15th.

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So this version is starting with the electronic version and will end with – still the electronic version. And here we go!

  • How do we structure our corporation making our monthly mortgage payments so that it is not taxable income to us?
  • My doorbell rang and a lady said she wanted to “talk to me about my son, Randolph.” I only have daughters.
  • I would like there to be interim final FAQs on landscaping etiquette.
  • I am finishing a return and there is a W-2G that is dated December 2018. I do not see it in either the 2018 workpapers or the 2018 return. What would you like me to do? Response: Screaming is a viable option.
  • I had a client leave me a 4-minute voice mail today. Long story short – his house is being painted and he cannot find his 1099.
  • I am glad I do not live in Phoenix anymore – I remember when it was 132. Nope. It has never been that temperature here. It feels like it about now, but hasn’t happened.

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Donna H. Laubscher, CPA