Fantasy football and your tax accountant

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Even with the fall tax deadlines upon us, we do still have somewhat of a personal life. Or what you might call some un-nerdlike hobbies. Although an argument could be made for turning fantasy football into a nerd Olympics.

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Our hobbies run the gamut – just like they do for non-CPA firm team members. These can be from attending live cultural performances to going to the gym to running marathons (not me personally on that last one – it is too hot here in Arizona for me to even think about that. That is my main excuse, though I can come up with several others if pressed to do so!) Yes, we have team members who run half and full marathons.

But it is fall – and what does that mean – football. And with football comes fantasy football. And its cousin, survivor football. These are both things to take our minds off the ever-present tax that is in everyday life. I already have my first pick locked in for the Henry+Horne Survivor Football League – here is hoping I get out of week one!

Additionally, we had our fantasy football draft last week for our Henry+Horne Fantasy Football league. Some of us do a bunch of research in advance, and some, well, don’t. I had the first pick in our draft this year, which was determined via a random draw. Because we are, after all, CPAs – and randomization is big to us whenever possible. It sounds exciting to have the first pick – and it was. But it also comes with a lot of pressure. Or maybe the pressure I felt was self-imposed – mostly because I won our league last year. Don’t worry, I wasn’t enriched enough to give up my tax partner day job, but it was fun, I readily admit. (I had to get that in about winning the league last year, as it is unlikely to happen again!)

Of course, in a snake draft, having the first pick also means having the last pick. Mr. Irrelevant is Rob Gronkowski – I still have fond hopes he will come out of retirement. Again.

And for those who may not appreciate fantasy football as a pastime – well, the first game in our CPA softball league is also this week. I have not seen the odds of our team winning the championship, as I am not sure any of the gambling apps have analyzed our league. Also, we do have a new pitcher this year, so we may need to wait and see. But the team has a great time at the games and interacting with other teams.

So – we are not just people in green eye shades working behind computers. In other words, we are not nerds. At least, not all the time. If you need any tips on picking your Fantasy Football team contact your Henry+Horne advisor.

Donna Harmon Laubscher, CPA


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