Even wizards pay taxes. Just ask Ron Weasley

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There is no magic spell that can save Rupert Grint – a.k.a. Ron Weasley – from the tax collector. In August, the Harry Potter star lost an appeal for a £1.3 million tax refund. Grint, on the advice of his advisors, attempted to change his accounting date so that 20 months of income would be taxed at a lower rate. He had hoped to move eight months’ worth of income from 2010-2011 where the top rate of income tax was 50%, to 2009-2010 where the top rate of income tax was 40%. If the change had been accepted, it would have led to a 10% savings totaling about £1 million.

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Rupert desperately tried to appeal the ruling, claiming he had almost no awareness of his financial affairs as he trusted his father and accountant to make sure everything was properly taken care of. Unfortunately, his ignorance of his finances didn’t sway the court. The judge subsequently dismissed the case, stating that Grint had failed to show a change in accounting period had been effected because his accounts did not represent the correct accounting period for the change.

By Lauren Sweeney