Did Messi’s Mess Get Him “Locked Away”?

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Finally a verdict to what we know you’ve all been waiting for since our last blog together! (Click to view our previous blog.) The Spanish court system came out with a decision on the fate of Lionel Messi (World’s best soccer player) and his father after a month of deliberations following the allegations of tax fraud. Messi and his father have been found guilty, and have both been sentenced to jail time in addition to some hefty fines.

The soccer player and his father have both received a 21 month jail sentence for their involvement, but don’t feel too bad for them because under Spanish law, if a jail sentence is less than 2 years, it can be served through probation. They were also fined a total of roughly $4 million, even though they had paid the original debt plus accrued interest back in 2013 when the sponsorship money first came into question.

Much like the R. City song, “Locked Away” featuring Adam Levine, this decision most likely has Messi asking himself the question about his fans and followers – “will you still love me the same?” However, it looks like the soccer star doesn’t have to worry about that. His soccer club came out in full support of the athlete’s innocence in this matter.

Messi and his father are expected to appeal this decision as they are sticking to Messi’s original defense of “I just worried about playing football”. He also claims that he signed papers without reading them because he trusted his father and his advisers. The decision to appeal has not been made as of now, but we promise to keep you (our loyal readers) informed. Stay “tuned”… get it?

By Chris Morrison, CPA and Joanna Yergler