Deduct your medical convention costs

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medical convention, tax, deductionGetting diagnosed with a chronic illness can be one of the scariest things that can happen to you in your life. What is this disease? How can I manage it? What is the medical industry doing to find a cure? These are probably just the cherries on top to the amount of questions that swirl around in your head. The only little bit of peace that may come from this is that the fast pace track of medical research means that new answers come in daily. Today, it is common for chronically ill individuals and members of their families to attend medical conventions to keep themselves up to date on the latest treatment options for their illness.

Along with these conferences come additional expenses, but did you know that the IRS made an important concession to expenses related to medical convention and they are tax deductible? You are allowed to deduct, as a medical expense:

  • Fees paid for admission to a medical convention (as long as a physician recommends it)
  • Transportation costs to attend the conference
  • This deduction is includable with all other medical expenses
  • The deduction is for yourself or your qualifying dependent

A few items and limitations to this ruling are as follows:

  • Meals are not included
  • Lodging is not included
  • Expenses are deductible above 10% of your adjusted gross income (7.5% if you are over age 65)

This is a small consolation in comparison with what you and your family are going through, I know. Hopefully you can find a small amount of comfort in knowing that the extra knowledge you seek regarding your illness could possibly be a deduction on your tax bill and reduce the amount of overall expenses you have to account for.

Meghan M. Scott, EA