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College test prep scam – don’t fall victim

college test prep scam, fraud, education, scamParents of high school students preparing to go to college – beware! There’s a college test prep scam targeting you.

According to the FTC, someone claiming to be from the College Board, the organization in change of the PSAT and SAT tests, calls or emails you and asks for your credit card number in order to process the test prep materials requested by your student. They seem believable because they may even have your child’s name, address and phone number. Don’t fall for it!

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  • The College Board will never ask for your credit card number, bank account or password over the phone or via email.
  • If you are offered test prep materials, research the company online to make sure they’re legitimate. Search the company name with the word scam or complaint. You can also talk to your child’s school counselor.
  • Don’t pay by wiring money or using reloadable gift cards.

If you think you’ve been targeted by a college test prep scam, you can report to the at

Elizabeth Bolt