Benefits of having an IRS online account

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A safe and easy way to view information about your federal tax account is to have an IRS online account. It’s secure and free.

To access your information online, you will need to register through which is a trusted technology provider, to provide identity verification and sign-in services that the IRS uses. The IRS has discontinued requiring the use of biometric data and facial recognition by providing a selfie of oneself to now offering a live virtual interview with agents. The previous option is still available and requirements are in place that ensure the deletion of the images provided by taxpayers for the account being created.

IRS online account access

The IRS says with an account you would be able to view:

  • Tax payoff amount, which is updated for the current day.
  • The balance for each tax year if you owe taxes.
  • Your payment history of the last five years including your estimated tax payments.
  • Key information from the most current tax return as originally filed. This includes your adjusted gross income and access transcripts.
  • Payment plan details if you have one.
  • Digital copies of select IRS notices.
  • Economic Impact Payments if any were received.
  • Your address on file.
  • Information about your advance child tax credit payments.
  • Any authorization requests from tax professionals.

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IRS online account activity

From viewing this information, you can:

  • Select an electronic payment option. This can be done with your bank account or by debit/credit card.
  • Set up a payment agreement if you do not have one.
  • Approve and electronically sign power of attorney and tax information authorization from your tax professional.
  • Choose to go paperless for certain notices and get emailed notification for new notices.

Go digital and get access to your tax info. If you need assistance setting up an IRS online account, contact your Henry+Horne advisor.

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