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Phoenix conforms to AZ TPT simplification rules

As you may know, as of July 1, 2016, Arizona has begun to implement their new TPT Simplification process. While some find the AZ TPT simplification process to be a headache, it has some advantages. Once all of the cities conform to the new law, taxpayers will only be required to file a single form instead of multiple forms to various jurisdictions every reporting period. Another advantage is the ability to file the reports online. Once registered at, taxpayers are able to file the reports and pay online, check your filing and payment history. The website also allows you to make certain administrative changes such as updating your mailing address, closing your account and updating your business locations. You can even check your refund status.

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Most recently, the City of Phoenix has offered the option for taxpayers to transition to the new AZ TPT reporting process ahead of the anticipated State deadline of January 1, 2017. In order to complete the process, the business or individual will need to fill out the City of Phoenix TPT Simplification Form 2111. This is a quite simple form and can be easily submitted to the City of Phoenix via fax or email. Once processed, the City of Phoenix will cancel your sales tax account and you will report the Phoenix gross receipts and pay the sales taxes via the AZ Form TPT-2 (for multiple business locations) or AZ Form TPT-EZ (for a single business location). If you file online, you will need to add “Phoenix” as a location in the region code section in order to be able to complete the report.

For additional help, the Arizona Department of Revenue has various YouTube videos available for instructions on their website. There is also a helpline available during the week at 1(844) 698-9176 or by email at
Kelsey Olsen