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Arizona Department of Revenue to begin accepting e-filed corporate and partnership returns starting in 2020

miscellaneous itemized deduction, Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, IRS, taxThe Arizona Department of Revenue reported that it received 183,000 corporate tax returns in 2018. Arizona corporate returns, not including supporting schedules, are 5 pages. That means a minimum of 915,000 pages were received. Not to mention the individual returns that were paper filed, prior year returns taxpayer correspondence, etc. That’s a lot of paper to process!

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The good news is that the AZ Department of Revenue will soon start accepting e-filed corporate and partnership tax returns. They are currently modifying their system to accept 2019 returns starting in January 2020.

Not only will this ease processing on tax professionals, but there are benefits for our clients too. We expect to see faster processing of returns and refunds. E-filing provides proof of receipt. There is generally greater return accuracy when e-filing. Plus sending information electronically is safer than through the mail.

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Katie Ripp, CPA