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Are robots taking over the accounting world?

With the ever-growing advancements in technology, the workplace undergoes constant change. With technology being able to do things we once did manually, computers are able to do things automatically and in an efficient manner. Many people believe that with the introduction of robots in the accounting world, the profession could be forgotten. However, it will cause us to make advancements in our own careers.

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A company in France has launched a new bot called Georges that fulfills the job and responsibilities of an accountant. The purpose of Georges is to allow companies to operate without accountants. It is a subscription-based service that can perform tasks such as bank synchronization and reconciliations, and complete certain tax forms.

This French company is not the first to have an automated accounting system. The United States has launched a service called Botkeeper which is similar to Georges. All accounting will be automated, but there will also be humans help to fill in the gaps of what the bot may have missed by providing live chats and phone services to their clients. Even though Botkeeper can be found in the United States, the work is outsourced overseas.

Automated software is also being introduced in the accounting profession, which could replace work that some accountants normally do, such as QuickBooks Live. Even though the software is not going to replace accountants all together, it could take away certain aspects of someone’s job that they once were responsible for.

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With advancements in technology comes adjustments and growth. The future of technology brings about change, but it is new and exciting. As technology grows, so must we. By introducing robots like Georges and Botkeeper in the accounting profession, accountants may be able to apply themselves in ways other than just data entry. With the robots being able to do most of the number inputting, accountants will now be able to be more analytical and apply their brains in a way a robot cannot. With the introduction of robots in accounting, we will see many changes, but ultimately for the better.

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Laine Sperbeck