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Angst, tax preparer style

tax preparer, angst, tax return, IRS, tax season, 2017 filing seasonSo, I have had a fairly productive week, as far as life goes in the tax return preparation business. I have checked some accounting and moved along those tasks to tax return preparation, I have checked some returns, I have answered questions on a couple of tax returns, I have conferred with associates on a couple of tricky situations and have come to a resolution, I have followed up with many clients on information we are still waiting to receive and have even printed some tax returns for processing and getting out to clients.

A good week – right? So, what could be causing the angst?

For the rest of the week and into the weekend, I know that I need to work on my own return. And probably the worst thing for a tax person to deal with during tax season is the thought of working on my own return.

Usually, I have such a process – I try to get all of my itemized deductions done first, because that takes me the longest. My goal is to have that completed by the time the Super Bowl starts on Super Bowl Sunday. Yeah, that did not happen.

So, now it is weeks past the Super Bowl and the pressure is gnawing at me. And I still have data to gather and K-1s to enter. Goodness, I haven’t even hunted down the amounts of my estimated tax payments yet.

It is going to be a long, tedious weekend. So think of me while you are out enjoying friends and family this weekend – I must get to work on my tax return!

Donna, H. Laubscher, CPA