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ADOR looking for unclaimed property owners

Did you know the Arizona Department of Revenue has over $45 million in unclaimed property belonging to more than 159,000 people with last known addresses in Maricopa County alone? One of the largest amounts due a single owner is over $596,000! Wouldn’t it be great if that were you?

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The property are financial assets owed to businesses and individuals from places like bank accounts, uncashed payroll checks, tax refunds, credit balances, rebates, returned deposits and abandoned safe deposit boxes usually because the owner’s or an estate’s heirs contact information is outdated or unknown.

To find out if Arizona is holding any unclaimed property for you, go to You can also search for unclaimed property in other states at and

To claim any property Arizona requires documentation showing you’re the rightful owner. You’ll need to include with your claim form a valid photo ID and documentation linking you to the last known address on file. If you’re claiming property listed in another person’s name, you’ll need to provide documentation proving you have a legal right to claim it.

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Beth Hawley