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The Accountant (the Movie) – True to Form?

I am an accountant. A CPA. So when we first started seeing the trailers for a movie starring Ben Affleck as an accountant, there was some buzz. Because Hollywood was not going to portray us in the same nerdy, stereotypical way. Excitement even!

So as my family was winding down activities for Family Weekend at the University of Arizona on Sunday, we threw in a movie excursion.

Now, my family kept asking me throughout the movie – “Is that what you do?” Most of the time, of course, the answer was no. I lead far too sedentary of a lifestyle to be beating people up who go against my moral code.

There was a part of the movie, though, that was eerily similar (this is not a spoiler alert if you have not seen the movie – it is in the beginning). The accountant was interviewing a couple in advance of preparing their tax return, and a home office discussion ensued. Was it exactly how I do it – umm, not in the least. But it was at least related to taxes.

While the movie may not have gotten spectacular reviews from the critics, the audiences seem to enjoy it – me and my family included! Was it realistic – as far as what I do in on a daily basis – no.

But we were wondering – did Hollywood release the move on Friday, October 14th, realizing that the final tax deadline for 2015 returns (excluding some fiscal year returns, of course) was on Monday, October 17th? Did they do that deep of research into the release date of a movie? Beats me, but we like to think we are that important. At least right now – while the movie is still out and in theaters.

Here is the trailer, in case you want to get a preview before seeing it!

By Donna H. Laubscher, CPA