2020 tax season comes to an end

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During the 2020 tax season, the singular phrase that was overheard reminded me that I had not started a blog yet on the funny things heard towards the end of any filing season – whether it is the spring filing season (the main one) or this mini one here that deals with returns on extensions, with the varying due dates of September 15 (S Corporations and partnerships and corporations with a May 31 or June 30 fiscal year end, September 30 (calendar year trust returns) or October 15 (individuals and calendar year corporations).

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What was that phrase that was overheard? “I need to pick up my pants.”

Here are some of the other comments that if they do not spark joy (ala Marie Kondo), they may spark a raised eyebrow or a chuckle.

  • Wow – you win.
  • Today I learned what an 8978 is.
  • The detail on the spreadsheet does not agree to the accounting.
  • That is a convoluted mess.
  • It is a bit of a soap opera.
  • By far, the easiest of my problems to solve today.
  • Because I work here, right?
  • We don’t need workpapers!
  • Are you actually that surprised?
  • Ooooooo . . . I love secrets!

A big and heartfelt thanks, once again, to our wonderful tax department for pulling together to get through another filing season. Once we receive those efile forms, we can head out to a well-deserved happy hour.

If you have any questions regarding filing deadlines or tax law in general, contact your Henry+Horne advisor for more information.

Donna H Laubscher, CPA