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Ways to boost brain health

PHIT, gym membership, tax, deductionBrain health is easy to overlook, but it is also easy to improve. There are many benefits to improving your brain health. Two big ones are increased productivity at work, and an increase in overall quality of life and happiness. I have found that when I focus on one area, the others come naturally because they all work together to elevate my mood, energy, and focus.

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Nutrition plays a big role in body health, and very importantly, brain health. The foods we consume add different value to our body, some are good for your brain and memory, while others are better for weight and physique. Being aware of the raw and processed foods that we put into our bodies, not only what you eat but knowing how much you should eat, is important. Both overeating and undereating can be bad for your brain, you may become sleepy or jittery if you are not feeding your brain what it needs.


Getting exercise in the morning is a great way to start the day and feel good before the full day begins. Some prefer to exercise right before bed to release built-up energy after a long day or breaking up the day with exercise right in the middle may be helpful during long, slow moving days. Whether it is intense exercise, or moderate like walking for an extra hour during the day, it can help growth of new neurons and blood vessels in the brain. Getting outside is a great way to get exercise and relaxation both at once.


Giving your brain a chance to rest and recharge is necessary. With technology and media today, we are constantly reading new stories and moving from one thing to the next, and it can be easy for us to forget to take time for ourselves and quiet from our surroundings. Getting the right amount of sleep, meditation and relaxation is important to help improve focus and concentration. It can decrease stress and keep you alert when you are ready to use your brain the most.

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Challenge your Brain

Playing brain games like puzzles, word searches, card games are a great way to challenge your brain. Reading books, coloring, and learning new skills are more beneficial than some may think. As adults, we do not always do these activities because we are busy with mindless activities like watching television or other activities such as above. Challenging the brain is good for memory and awareness. This helps us later in life when we may have slower reactions because our mind may not be getting the proper exercises to keep it sharp.

Stay Mindful

Mindfulness includes maintaining awareness of your surroundings and feelings. The big picture – everyone is different! We all need to listen to our bodies and focusing on these areas could help adjust the way you feel and think daily. Brain Health shouldn’t be a chore, it should be fun!

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Sarah Melone