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Updated Annual Financial Report (AFR) for Arizona School Districts

With the Annual Financial Report due next week, make sure to have the most up to date form by visiting  The Arizona Auditor General recently released Memo 256 with a few updates to the form. In the memo, it explains the major changes that have occurred from last year’s form including the removal of function codes, the removal of funds, and some other small changes.  The memo also gives instruction on the submission and publication of the AFR. The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) will now only accept FY 2012 AFR forms submitted electronically using either the Excel form provided or software that can produce an electronic file in a format approved by the ADE.  Finally, the entire AFR must be published by November 15 in accordance with A.R.S. 15-904(C).  The approved methods for publishing include posting the AFR to ADE’s website, publishing it in a newspaper, or mailing it to each household in the district.

To see the memo in its entirety, visit

 Andrew Gill