Health matters, even during your audit

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It’s that time of year again, audit time. For many, surviving another audit can be a rough ride. There is no denying that stress is high during audit time, pushing many near the brink of burning out. You focus so much on the audit many things are pushed to the wayside; sometimes this includes personal health. Health matters. Below are some tips and best practices to help you prioritize your health and still get through your next audit.

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  • Prioritize your personal wellbeing

Carving out time in your own schedule for a brief exercise, yoga or meditation each day can make a big difference. This doesn’t have to be a whole personalized routine. It can be something as simple as taking five minutes for light activity such as stretching, or even going outside for a walk. Going outside can elicit physical activity, improve blood circulation, as well as provide a dose of Vitamin D which increases your endorphins and serotonin which are responsible for brain chemistry and making you feel happy!

  • Schedule time for personal and professional development

Investing in yourself is important and I don’t mean financially. Make time for yourself for personal and professional development outside of work. Giving back to yourself on a regular basis can help boost your mental health, self-esteem and encourage a healthy work life balance. A good place to start is setting a weekly goal for yourself and scheduling that time to give back to you. An example of this would be setting aside time for your favorite hobby, reading, hiking or getting that long awaited manicure/massage.

  • Work on prioritizing tasks

Prioritizing tasks during audit time allows you to get the crucial things done first, effectively manage your workload and utilize time and resources better. The first step in prioritizing tasks is getting your list of tasks together. Once you have the list together there are various ways to prioritize the tasks. One straightforward way to prioritize the process is known as the Eisenhower Power Matrix. In brief this framework uses a four-quadrant set up to help you decipher where each task belongs. This is also noted in the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Aim to get most tasks in Quadrant II and minimize tasks in Quadrant I.

We want you to stay healthy and as stress free as possible because health matters. Please contact your Henry+Horne advisor to assist with any issue you may have.

Cheyanne Femiani