Education for Governmental Accountants

The Latest Rules and Regulations That Impact Your Government Entity

How many governmental accounting classes did you take in college? One, maybe two at the most? Or are you like me, and you didn’t take any? There was only one class offered and it was a combination of non-profit and governmental financial accounting. Like many of the governmental accountants out there, I was trained on the job, and relied on CPE to learn the intricacies of governmental accounting. There was no governmental focus 10 years ago; though, now you can earn a Master’s in Governmental Accounting.

Rutgers University in New Jersey is offering said program, and the 2015 US News & World Report ranks it #13 for non-MBA online graduate business programs. If you know you want to go into governmental accounting or already are in the industry and just want more specific education in your Master’s, it may be worth checking out. They even offer in-state tuition for government employees, regardless of where you reside.

By Bobby Mikkelsen, CPA